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Before you begin...


In just a few clicks, you can use this service to apply for an Air Quality Certificate for your vehicle.

- Preparing to place the order.

You’ll need your registration certificate (formerly the ‘carte grise’) to help you fill in the required information.

- Determining my classification.

The certificates are based on “EURO” standards. The standard must be indicated in field V9 of your registration certificate. Otherwise, the date of the vehicle’s entry into service will be used.
Accessing the vehicle classification table
Determining the classification of my vehicle

- Prix.

It costs € 3.11 plus postage. For postage in France, this comes to € 3.67.

- Dispatching.

The Air Quality Certificate will be sent to the address of the owner, or the long-term hirer as the case may be, indicated on the registration certificate.
If your home address is not up to date on your registration certificate, please change your address by clicking here
Please wait for your certificate modification order to be recorded before placing your order.

- Inclusion of a retrofit.

For heavy-duty vehicles, buses, and diesel vans with retrofit devices, the applicant must declare the retrofit here. Wait for the application file to be finalised before ordering your certificate, which will then be classified with inclusion of the retrofit.